Who We Are

TheraBor Pharmaceuticals is a privately-owned company that is headquartered in Italy. The founding partners have considerable international experience in research, development, commercialisation and finance in the healthcare industry and the financial industry focused on healthcare.

TheraBor is dedicated to the development of a technological platform for the production of pharmacologically active new chemical entities containing the boron atom. The focus will be on the identification of beta-lactamase inhibitors to be used in combination with beta-lactam antibiotics that have lost their therapeutic efficacy due to the increased number of resistant bacterial strains.


TheraBor was conceived in 2010 and officially founded in September 2011 as a spin-out of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia by Drs Caselli, Biondi and Draeger, and Professor Prati. The company is rapidly developing its patent estate and is seeking to form a broad range of development and commercialisation partnerships for its IP.


Photo of Fabio Prati

Founder and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Fabio Prati has been interested in the chemistry of boronic acids since the late ’90s. Under his guidance, his team has synthesised several boronic acids for different applications, ranging from asymmetric synthesis of biologically-active compounds or chiral derivatising agents to enzyme inhibitors. In this respect, his group has successfully obtained the most potent inhibitor ever described of the class C beta-lactamase. He is currently part of two international research projects funded by the National Institute of Health (Principal Investigator Professor R.A. Bonomo and Professor B.K. Shoichet). Professor Prati is author of more than 75 publications and two patents.

Photo of Fabio Prati

Founder and Director of Research

Dr Emilia Caselli obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University (Glasgow) and graduated in chemistry at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where she also obtained her PhD in Chemical Sciences. During her PhD she spent 18 months in Professor B.K. Shoichet’s laboratory at Northwestern University (Chicago), working on the kinetics and modeling of beta-lactamase inhibitors. Thereafter she joined Professor Prati’s laboratory, where she spent more than 10 years in asymmetric synthesis of boronic acids. By means of proprietary synthetic methodologies she has obtained novel BLIs active on clinically relevant -lactamases and is actively involved in research collaborations with international groups active in the field. She is author of 25 publications and co-inventor of two patents.

Photo of Tino Rossi


Dr. Tino Rossi has more than 30 years experience in Drug Discovery and Development both in the Pharmaceutical industry and in Contract Research Organizations where he has developed extensive experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics and Preclinical Development in a wide range of Drug Discovery phases from Target identification to Phase II clinical trials in multiple indications, including Antibacterial, Central Nervous System and Metabolic & Cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Tino Rossi has directly contributed to the identification and progression into the development phases of 45 New Chemical Entities. He is co-inventor of 9 patents and author of 43 publications in quality, peer-reviewed journals.

Photo of Fabio Prati

Founder and Business Development

Dr Nicholas Draeger has 20 years of professional healthcare experience in fields including pharmaceutical research, health economics research at the University Hospital Basel, with 22 publications and 1 patent to his name, international business development, M&A (Roche and Recordati) and investments relating to medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotech from both an industry and investment banking perspective (Credit Agricole and Adamant). He has provided business development and M&A services, and investment advisory services in the medical technology and biotech sectors for numerous companies and healthcare funds, and the government of South Africa. He has co-founded several healthcare companies and a nutritional company.